Rear Lower Control Arm and suspension links
Raufoss develops and manufactures Rear Lower Control Arms assembled with either spring guide or bump stop cup and also with assembled bushings. With our patented ExtruForm ® process, we may offer the best possible light weight solution. Our products are typically between approx. 40 to 50 percent lighter than comparable steel solutions.


Front Lower Control Arm, Front Upper Control Arm and suspension links 

Our aluminum forged McPherson solution is typical 30 percent lighter than comparable steel solutions. We develop and manufacture assembled suspension control arms inclusive bushings and ball joint.


High Performance Strut
Raufoss has developed a special pre-forming process to achieve optimal material utilization and minimize scrap. This unique Raufoss Zero Loss hot forging process is followed by heat treatment and machining.


Ball joint
We have successfully developed our own ball joint solutions. These ball joints can either be integrated into our suspension components or be used for paddle assemblies. Our current ball range are 25mm-32mm and ball joint integration are done in assembled aluminum arms or paddle assemblies for the whole product range.

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