Material for hot forming and cold forming

Raufoss may offer clear competitive advantages through specialized and differentiated material technologies. Our alloys has been implemented to meet the product and functional requirements, as well as to mass production. Development typically involves increasing demands on the performance of the products. Materials technology therefore forms, and will continue to form, a central part of the Raufoss Group’s ambition to become the world leader at the interface between materials, manufacturing processes and products.

The strength of the alloy, its fatigue endurance, corrosion resistance and other product-specific characteristics are still the main objective for continuous improvements. Highly qualified laboratory staff, testing facility and the ability to manufacture prototypes is all key elements for the success.


The Raufoss „Extruform" in-line production process is: Stretch bending, cold forming, punching, heat treatment and assembly.


On the Front Lower Control Arm, the production process is: Hot forging, hear treatment, cnc machining and assembly.


Our Quality Management system is completely integrated to our processes. Our Manufacturing is certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949.

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