Profile Machining


Whether parts or assembly groups - we finish your profile down to completed components. With precision high-performance saws and the latest CNC machining centres, we take over all operations inclusive to the finished surface. With our own machining center located in Slovakia and in close cooperation with well-known surface finishers, we can make you a cost-effective and efficient offer.


The following integrated machining steps are offered for your requirements:









·Surfaces (anodising, powder coating, pickling passivation, CDP)


·Placement of connecting elements


·Brush deburring




If a machining procedure is required for your product, which is not seen here, then we would be happy to develop solutions with new partners in order to satisfy your requests.


Our comprehensive quality management system is completely integrated in the process flow. Our production is certified in compliance with ISO 9001*, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO/TS 16949*.


*) Also valid for our production facility in Slovakia.

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