We keep the environment in mind

We have voluntarily stopped the use of environmentally harmful, hazardous substances and energy-intensive processes in the manufacture and distribution of our products, unless these are absolutely required for technical, qualitative or other compelling reasons.

Because clean energy is a quality focus for us, a significant proportion of the energy used in Marktl comes from our own hydroelectric power plants.

Aluminum is a multifunctional, durable and easily recyclable material. Aluminum enables the implementation of applications in the construction and transport sectors, in plant construction and mechanical engineering, in electrical engineering and in many other areas, which results in permanent and efficient energy savings. Even after the end of its useful service life, aluminum offers advantages: all parts made of aluminum can be recycled in a resource-saving, loss-free manner and then find a new use.

We prepared a sustainability report for the Marktl location for the 2016 reporting year. You can find an excerpt of this report in the Downloads area.