An overview of Raufoss Canada's significant plant expansion

For more than two years, Neuman Raufoss Canada has been making major changes to double its capacity. During this time, the team was put to the test several times, but the construction is now coming to a successful end.

The L07 forging plant is now up and running and has recently reached its customers' biggest milestones, securing a strong partnership and putting Raufoss on the list of trusted suppliers. Special thanks to François Clément, Jonathan Lizotte, Sébastien Leblanc, Éric Lévesque, Éric Grondin and all the industrialization, tooling, process and production teams that came together, magnificently achieving what appeared to be impossible. This experience shows how committed the employees are to the company and this will definitely continue into the future.

The expansion also included the installation of machining and assembly equipment, and the team once again faced challenges at all levels. The construction, plumbing and programming work are under way as two of the six CNCs on their way. Nevertheless, our customers from GM and BMW visited our facilities to confirm our production capacity and were impressed by how fast the system can change from month to month.

In the meantime, meeting with and hiring people who fit in well in this unique culture is part of the daily routine for many managers. Everyone is working hard to promote our brand and to maintain our presence in social media because we know this is a very effective recruiting tool. NRC is certain that it will soon be able to return to its world class level. In the meantime, it will keep its focus on what makes it successful: people.