Volunteer company fire brigade Neuman Marktl

In 1882, the company fire department was founded at the smelter site of the Fried. v. Neuman company. Among the 70 workers present was Ing. Victor von Neuman, who became the first commander of the fire brigade.

In 1896 Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Gerstenberger became the new commander and later also district fire brigade commander.

In 1900 the urgently needed "Spritze", an hydrophor, was purchased. By resolution of the municipal council in 1937, the area of operation of the BTF Neuman Marktl included not only the entire factory premises, but was also extended to the local protection for the entire cadastral municipality of Marktl.

Revolutionary for the time, the decision was made in 1911 to hold 3 drills a year. Ludwig Heinisch became the new commander of the fire brigade in 1938.

The main battle line at the end of the Second World War in 1945 ran right through the factory premises, and an artillery hit destroyed the equipment house. All equipment was rendered inoperative as a result. On November 17, 1945, the first meeting after the war was held and Johann Jandl was elected commander.

The reconstruction and the training after the war was rewarded with the victory at the regional fire brigade competitions in 1955 in St. Pölten.

With the purchase of two pieces of compressed air breathing apparatus, brand AGA, therefore in the year 1962 they were  the first Wehren in the district to use breath protection equipment.

In the sixties and seventies there were 4 major fires at the Hermaltex roller drying plant, one of which also caused serious damage to the roof structure. The most serious fire was on April 28, 1977, when 121 firemen from 11 fire departments fought in vain against the disaster, which was caused by welding work. The fire damage was classified as the third largest damage in Lower Austria.

At the beginning of the eighties, the Neuman company was taken over by the Grupp family. Ing. Johann Winkler was elected as the new commander.

On August 5, 1985 there was a fire in the generator hall "Petzhold", 4 fire brigades fought the full fire in the warehouse.

In April 1994 a TLF 2000, Steyr 590 was put into service. In the same year, an hydraulic combination rescue device with telescopic ram was purchased.

May 2, 1995: Fire in hall 7 of the slug factory of the Fried von Neuman company. Seven fire brigades were deployed to fight the fire, which also caused severe damage to the hall structure.

It was "land under water" on July 7 and 8, 1997, when the Traisental valley was hit by a devastating flood. The entire plant site was devastated by the masses of water.

On April 1, 2003, a fire of unimaginable intensity completely destroyed a section of the Butzen plant and destroyed adjacent parts of the extrusion plant and the strip caster. The column of smoke from this fire was visible as far as St. Pölten. A total of 24 fire departments with 367 men were deployed.

In November 2004 the first thermal imaging camera of the district, make MSA Auer Evolution 5000, was put into service.

One year later the new tank fire-fighting vehicle Mercedes Benz 14/28, TLF 2000/200 was purchased from the company Seiwald.

In 2006 the acting commander Johann Weiß was elected by the crew.

At the NÖ Landeswasserdienstleistungsbewerb 2014 the Zillenbesatzung Stefanie Rotheneder and Nina Ebner could win the victory. In 2017, Stefanie Rotheneder took the state victory in the single.

After a year of construction, the new fire station was ceremoniously opened in April 2017. One year later at the Florianifeier the new KDOA and the HLF1-VF were put into service.

Currently, the membership is 41 active and 5 reservists.

Commander: Chief fire inspector Johann Weiß

Deputy Commander: Fire inspector Nina Ebner

Head of the administrative service: Administrator Ronald Wurm