Expansion of production capacity

Last year, Neuman Raufoss greatly expanded production capacity at all of its locations.

China made the biggest technological leap and built a new, fully automated forging line in record time - the largest ever in the entire Raufoss Group.

It consists of 11 robots, three industrial furnaces and three hydraulic presses with a maximum pressing force of 3,500 tons.

Since July 2017, we have been in a challenging start-up phase with the goal of supplying our customers BMW, Daimler and SAIC-GM with series parts, starting in the fall of 2018, in the rapidly growing Chinese automotive market. Despite all the obstacles, our Chinese team succeeds in meeting all the expectations of our customers through continuous commitment.

Another reason behind their success so far is the tireless support from our global organization. Before the forging molds were put into use in China, they underwent extensive preliminary testing in Norway and Canada. In addition to a four-member expat team from Norway, our Canadian colleagues visit on an ongoing basis to help in mastering the particularly difficult tasks. Several times a week, we exchange information about the current progress of the project, which is always a worthwhile effort despite the time difference of up to twelve hours.

Raufoss China would like to thank Dr. Grupp in particular, who has made this expansion possible for us, and they hope to be able to build more forging lines – and much larger ones – in China in the future.