Neuman-PREFA-CAG Company Soccer Cup 2018

Gruppenfoto aller Teams beim Neuman Aluminium und PREFA Fußball-Cup 2018, aufgenommen am Fußballplatz des SC PREFA Lilienfeld;

For the fourth year, the company Soccer Cup took place at the SC PREFA Lilienfeld soccer field in good weather.

After the spectacular presentation of the tournament ball by a paraglider, which took off from the Muckenkogel, and the welcome by Mayor Wolfgang Labenbacher, Vice Mayor Manuel Aichberger and SC PREFA Lilienfeld President Herbert Schrittwieser, 100 employees played in 10 teams for the coveted title. International representatives included teams from Zarnovica (Slovakia) and Neuhaus-Schierschnitz (Germany).

In the thrilling finale, the PREFA Siding X team prevailed over the guests from Zarnovica, ZA-CA Galaktikos. After a successful and injury-free tournament day, Managing Director Dr. Gerhard Anger presented the the hard-won winner's trophy to the PREFA Siding X team.

The numerous spectators and active athletes enjoyed various grilled specialties during the tournament. Young fans had a great time with family-friendly activities. In the skills parcour race, young fans had a chance to win ice cream, and to display their wild somersaulting skills in the bounce house.