Company name: Fried. v. Neuman Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Business purpose: Production of semi-finished aluminum products

VAT ID №: ATU14695409
Company Register №: 86237 w
Company Register Court: Regional Court St. Pölten

Registered office in: A-3182 Marktl im Traisental, political municipality of Lilienfeld
Business address: Werkstraße 1

+43 2762 500-0

Membership(s) with the Chamber of Commerce Organization: 1114517

Applicable legislation and access:
§ 14 of the Austrian Business Code
§ 25 of the Austrian Media Act
§ 5 of the Austrian E-Commerce Act

Supervisory authority/commercial authority: Regional Court St. Pölten

Dr. Cornelius Grupp
Matthias Benz

Programming: GmbH
Design: Vincent Bauer, Michael Tripolt