A strong group

As part of a strong group of companies, Neuman is ideally equipped for the future. The cooperation with the other companies in the group, which is wholly owned by the industrialist Dr. Cornelius Alexander Grupp, is an invaluable advantage for us in the market. Our associate companies hold some of the most prestigious brands in the field of production and processing of glass and aluminum. The group has 9,300 employees in 39 facilities worldwide. The Neuman Group is wholly owned by CAG Holding.

Neuman Aluminium Management

The Neuman Group produces in 13 facilities at 8 locations with more than 2,500 employees in Europe, North America and Asia. The management of the Neuman Aluminium Group is carried out by Fried von Neuman GmbH.

Elke Sima

Chief Human Resources Officer

Vincenz Waldstein-Wartenberg

Group Chief Financial Officer

Robert Nährer

Chief Information Officer

Neuman Aluminium Divisionen

Organizationally, the Neuman Group is divided into four business units in addition to Fried v. Neuman: Foundry, direct extrusion, impact extrusion and profile processing for roof opening systems.

Casting icon


Oliver Glitzner

General Manager Casting

Direct Extrusion icon

Direct Extrusion

Thomas Eutebach

General Manager Direct Extrusion

Impact Extrusion icon

Impact Extrusion

Martin Horvath

General Manager Impact Extrusion

Profile processing and shaping icon

Profile processing and shaping

Michael Ströhlein

General Manager

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