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Ecological, economical and durable construction with aluminum.

Aluminium in buildings

Aluminum can be used in an extremely wide range of applications, is customizable, and offers numerous advantages over steel in terms of shaping, processing, corrosion resistance and weight.

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Facade and roof

Aluminum is the youngest of all roofing metals and has now established itself as a modern alternative in every field of application. The extensive usability of aluminum as a material for roofs and facades results from its imperturbable properties: resistance, strength, formability and workability, elasticity, heat reflection, incombustibility, lightning protection, vapor tightness, non-toxicity and cleanliness.

Windows and doors

Aluminum also offers unlimited possibilities in the design of windows and doors, where lightness and resistance are by no means mutually exclusive, but perfectly complement each other. Windows and doors made of aluminum are particularly resistant to weathering and require little maintenance due to low wear of the material. At the same time, they meet all requirements for noise protection, draft-proofing, driving rain, fire and burglary protection and are 100% recyclable.


Metallic material such as aluminum not only adds stylish accents to any garden but also offers solutions for countless landscaping ideas. Whether in private spaces or in the design of public places, aluminum is an extremely versatile and modern material that is being used in more and more cities and towns.

Furniture and interior design

Aluminum has also established itself as a trend material for interior design – whether in private homes or offices. Aluminum offers flexibility and formability, making every design wish and furnishing idea a reality. Sustainability has long since ceased to be just a trend, but has rather become a new way of life to which aluminum, as a 100% recyclable material for interior fittings, can make an important contribution.

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