Various applications

Recyclable, lightweight, robust, corrosion-resistant, formable, functional, sustainable.

Future-oriented production

We produce smart products with the lowest possible CO₂ footprint, drive recycling and manufacture globally on three continents to supply our customers locally.

Versatile applications

Because of their formability, low weight, easy machinability and corrosion resistance, you will find our aluminum products in versatile applications. Our aluminum profiles are processed in plant construction and intralogistics, as well as in mechanical engineering and medical technology. You can find our parts also in furnishings and furniture, in various housings of household appliances, and in sports and leisure equipment.

New applications

In collaboration with our customers and partners, we are constantly on the lookout for new areas of application where aluminum replaces other materials due to its advantageous properties and also reduces the CO₂ footprint of the products due to its positive eco-balance.

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