Electrical engineering

Thanks to its formability and conductivity, aluminum is ideally suited for cooling systems and enclosures.

Lamp housings

We produce various housings for dual-function LED lamps: Cooling and housing in one – perfectly suited for applications in the home, in industrial buildings, and in commercial and event spaces.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

On the road to (partially) autonomous driving, the number of sensors is continuously increasing. More and more computing power is built directly into the sensors, and the space required for this is being designed smaller and smaller. With the aid of the impact extrusion process, complicated internal geometries combined with a very thin housing wall can be produced. In this way, we are increasing safety on the roads and improving comfort and efficiency.

Heat sinks for power electronics

The heat sinks, made of pure aluminum using impact extrusion technology, have up to 30% higher thermal conductivity than a cast heat sink has, allowing components to be designed smaller and lighter. The cooling pins can be pressed in different lengths, round or star-shaped. Geometries for assembly of the board can be formed on the reverse side. The main application is in LED headlights, power electronics and control systems of modern cars and trucks.

Work for Neuman Aluminium