Technologies and divisions

We specialize in the development and production of high-quality aluminum components. Our divisions combine technical expertise and interdisciplinary cooperation along the entire value chain.

Versatile solutions for future-oriented industries


With our know-how and products, we make a contribution to a socially and ecologically sustainable world in which our children and future generations can lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

We contribute actively to the creation of a sustainable world by developing smart products with minimized CO₂ footprint, promoting recycling and supplying our customers locally across three continents.

With the implementation of solar power and hydro power we are already working on decarbonizing our production.


In the field of manufacturing, automation and robotics make a significant contribution to being able to implement our customers’ requirements efficiently and quickly while meeting the highest quality requirements. Even for small series, processes can be automated economically, and our consistent digitization means that quality and data are documented and reproduced sustainably.

Research and development

Product development, process development and optimization, material development, testing and cooperation with renowned universities (including TU Vienna, NTNU Trondheim, ETH Zurich, University of Shanghai) and research institutes in Europe are decisive for the long-term business success of our customers. That is why 2.5 % of our revenue are invested in research and development.


Thanks to our innovative customer solutions, we are growing worldwide and constantly impressing our customers anew with our sustainable and future-oriented development competence.

Work for Neuman Aluminium

We let our customers and employees know that we are always at their side, and that they can always count on us as a reliable partner.