Direct extrusion

From innovative solutions around the house, garden and office up to complex applications for construction and industry, as well as in the transport and automotive sectors – everything is possible with us.

Lightweight, electric and safe

Our structural components and chassis components made from crash alloys provide safe yet lightweight components that extend the range of electric cars, increase energy efficiency and enhance driving safety.

Industry solutions

Complex further processing

Whether components or assemblies – we refine your profile into ready-to-install components. With precise high-performance saws, state-of-the-art CNC machining centers and welding cells, we cover all the work steps right up to the finished surface. With our facilities for further processing in Austria and Slovakia, and in close cooperation with renowned partners, we can provide you with an economical and efficient offer.

Integrated processing

Sawing, milling, punching, embossing, drilling, turning, bending, welding, surface treatment (anodizing, powder coating, pickling passivation, KTL), engraving, setting fasteners, brush burrs, barrel finishing, and more...


The profile is the basic product of our direct extrusion plant in Marktl, Austria. We offer a very wide range of high-precision cross-sections with tight tolerances as well as multifunctional profiles, special applications with special material properties (e.g. bendable, crimpable) and functional applications (e.g. cooling fins for heat dissipation in lighting fixtures).

Surface treatment

We offer surface treatment in cooperation with our certified partners. A wide range of design options are available (natural and colored anodizing, coating, mechanical surface finishing, washing, laser engraving, implementation of special surface requirements).

The direct extrusion process

1. Heating

The material is heated to approx. 450 °C (approx. 840 °F).

2. Pressing

With a force of approximately 2,500 t, the aluminum is pressed through the extrusion die.

3. Cooling and cutting to length

The profile is cooled and cut to the desired length after forming saw packs.

4. Heat treatment and testing

In the final step, the material is brought to the desired strength by appropriate heat treatment. If necessary, a laboratory test follows.

Highest quality standards

Locations and Certificates

At our production sites in Austria (Marktl) and Slovakia (Žarnovica), we collaborate with customers to develop solutions that optimally meet their requirements both technologically and economically. We have the expertise, experience, capacity and technical equipment to produce precisely machined and finished aluminum profiles in the desired time and quantity. We are certified according to the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IATF 16949, AEO, EN 15088.


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