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Metal Technology: Machining Technology

No component is too small or large. Learn how to plan, manufacture, produce and repair machine parts or components.


- Operating and programming CNC machines
- Machining for the repair of machines
- Improving the current process
- Reading and creating drawings

Apprenticeship period: 3.5 years. LBS Neunkirchen.

Metal Technology: Mechanical Engineering

Understand how machines and their parts interact and work together. You can assemble, repair and dismantle machines.


- Assembly/disassembly, provision, repair of systems
- Read technical documents and drawings
- Working on various machine tools, e.g. welding
- Programming and operating computer-controlled machines (CNC)

Apprenticeship period: 3.5 years. LBS Neunkirchen.

Metalltechnik: Toolmaking Technology

Develop, manufacture and test machine tools and their components


- Working with CNC machines
- Processing metals using various processes
- Reading technical instructions and plans
- Checking and documenting quality

Apprenticeship period: 3.5 years. LBS Neunkirchen.

Electrical Engineering Plant and Operating Technology

(Almost) nothing works without electricity - our production machines need to be supplied with power. Help with setting up systems, troubleshooting and power failures.


- Setting up electrical and electronic systems
- Locate and rectify faults or malfunctions
- Measure, lay and connect cables, lines and support systems and put them into operation
- Reading circuit and assembly diagrams

Apprenticeship period: 3.5 years. LBS Amstetten.

Information Technology - Systems Engineering

The world is becoming increasingly digital. We are looking for talented communicators who can maintain an overview.


- Setting up IT workstations (computers, monitors, mobile devices, projectors, printers, etc.)
- Ensure software installation and function
- Designing networks, servers, data storage and back-up systems
- Purchase and configuration of hardware and software

Apprenticeship period: 4 years. LBS Pöchlarn.

Process Technology

As the name suggests, this career has to do with the product process. You are closely involved from development to sales.


- Creating technical documents
- Defining, organizing, controlling and monitoring production processes
- Programming on computer-controlled machines (CNC)
- Quality control
- Finding solutions to malfunctions or breakdowns
- Finding and implementing improvements

Apprenticeship period: 3.5 years. LBS Neunkirchen.

Material Technology

Enthusiasm for different materials for the manufacture of products is a prerequisite here. Materials are tested for their properties and information using mechanical, physical or chemical processes.


- Examination of materials
- Test preparation and planning
- Documenting measurement results
- Mechanical, chemical and physical testing of metallic and non-metallic materials
- Product release

Apprenticeship period: 3 years. LBS Neunkirchen.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

The combination of two professions multiplies your opportunities. You can carry out any type of machining process, be involved in the assembly and maintenance of a machine and find and rectify faults in the electrical field.


- Assembly/disassembly, provision, repair of mechanical, electrotechnical and electronic systems
- Troubleshooting and repair
- Reading technical documents and drawings
- Machining
- Programming and operating computer-controlled machines (CNC)

Apprenticeship period: 4 years. LBS Amstetten.

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5. You sign the apprenticeship contract

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worth € 500 after completion of the 1st year of vocational school with very good performance

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Promotion opportunities

Go from apprentice to production manager!

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Free company bus for workers

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Food subsidy

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Health & Sports

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State-approved training company

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Off abroad

In the 3rd year of your apprenticeship, you can complete an internship at a location in our global group of companies.

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This is what you should have:

1. Interest and enthusiasm

2. Sturdy shoes

3. work clothes

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