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As global experts in aluminium manufacturing we drive the development of sustainable and safe mobility.


Through intensive cooperation with automotive manufacturers and suppliers, we are constantly tapping new potentials for the use of aluminum. Wherever lightweight construction is the focus and at the same time high demands are placed on the material, our products are convincing. Our expertise ranges from materials development to process optimization, and our structural components and chassis components made of crash alloy are lightweight components that extend the range of passenger cars and increase their energy efficiency.


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Public transport

With its lightness and high payload, long service life and low maintenance costs, aluminum also impresses in the public transport sector. The extensive use of aluminum in trains means that speeds of over 350 km/h can be achieved on the rails. Almost all subways and commuter trains in Europe are now made of aluminum, and city buses with aluminum bodies offer a lightweight and economical alternative to conventional buses.

Public transport products

Roof opening systems

We are experts in the field of roof opening systems and offer the best quality with our fully automated production lines for bending, embossing, punching, milling, deburring, anodizing and assembly. We develop forward-looking ideas and savings opportunities for our customers and are a cooperative, reliable and transparent partner from the sample to beyond the end of series production.

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