Company history

Neuman's company history

We are proud to look back on a long company history. Since the founding years 1780 and 1880, more than 230 years of company history have been written so far. We present the most important milestones here:

Chronological list

  • 1780 Carl Österlein from Vienna founds a hammer mill at the Marktl site, which develops into the imperially and royally privileged, state-authorized fire brigade equipment and iron factory.
  • 1880 Sale of the company to Friedrich v. Neuman
  • 1912 Electrification with hydro power
  • 1925 Production of graphic plates made of zinc
  • 1934 Impact extrusion process for zinc element beakers
  • 1941 Commissioning of a zinc-strip reversing duo-rolling mill and a hot rolling mill
  • 1947 Aluminum sheet rolling and aluminum impact extrusion press; production of the first aluminum slugs
  • 1960 Expansion of the impact extrusion press shop for the production of technical hollow bodies for radios and televisions


Takeover of the Friedrich v. Neuman company by the Dr. Grupp family



First extrusion press at the Marktl location


  • 1996 Founding of the Neuman Aluminium Fließpresswerk in Slovakia
  • 1999 Acquisition of Neuman Aluminium in Rottenburg, Germany
  • 2002 Opening of the slug plant in Xinhui, China


Opening of the Slug Plant in China


  • 2003 Major fire at the Marktl location: destruction of the entire narrow-strip production area, including workshops and ancillary rooms


Expansion of automotive applications with ExtruForm technology and of forges through the acquisition of the Raufoss Group

  • 2005 Founding of Neuman Aluminium Impact Extrusion in Waynesboro, Virginia, USA


Acquisition of PWG Profilrollen Werkzeugbau and addition of a new aluminum solution for the automotive sector, i.e. guide rails for roof opening systems

  • 2008 Opening of the slug foundry facility in Marktl
  • 2010 Founding of PWG in Suzhou, China
  • 2010 Sale of the slug plant in North America
  • 2012 Expansion of the slug plant in Xinhui, China
  • 2014 Founding of Neuman Neuman Profilbearbeitung in Zarnovica, Slovakia
  • 2015 Founding of Neuman PWG in Zarnovica, Slovakia and Neuman Impact Extrusion in Xinhui, China

2016 / 2017

Expansion into Mexico

2016 Founding of Neuman Raufoss Mexico, Lagos de Moreno, Mexico

2017 Founding of Neuman PWG Mexico, Lagos de Moreno, Mexico


Today we are a seventh generation family company, which has developed from its starting location in Marktl/Lilienfeld, Austria, into a globally active, financially sound industrial group with 17 production sites and nearly 3,000 employees!

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