Ownership structure


The Neuman Group, as a medium-sized company, has production plants at 10 locations in Europe, North America and Asia.

Our organizational structure is focused on five areas: slug manufacturing, extrusion, impact extrusion, roof opening systems and chassis components. We develop solutions for the automotive industry, the construction industry, electrical engineering, security technology and the packaging industry, among others.

The Neuman Aluminium Group is managed by Fried. v. Neuman GmbH.

The metal processing industry has been present at the headquarters of the Neuman Group in Marktl/Lilienfeld, Austria, since 1780. Fried. v. Neuman GmbH was founded here in 1880. In 1981, the Neuman Group was taken over by entrepreneur Dr. Cornelius Grupp and it has developed into an international group focused on expansion.

Today, around 3,000 employees generate sales of approx. € 570 million.

Ownership structure

The Neuman Group is wholly owned by CAG Holding, which is owned by the industrialist Dr. Cornelius Alexander Grupp.

 In addition to the Neuman Group, CAG Holding's significant investments also include the Stölzle Glass Group.

The Stölzle Glass Group is the leading manufacturer of white, brown and green glass for the health care & consumer, prestige & beauty and tableware sectors.