R&D in the Neuman Group

According to the statement by Heinrich Pierer "if Siemens would knew what Siemens knows", Neuman set the goal of networking the knowledge carriers within the organization more closely and representing aluminum expertise to the outside world.

The first steps towards internationalization and networking have already been made in recent years through cooperation with the University of Trondheim and Shanghai and a participation in the Christian Doppler Laboratory at the Vienna University of Technology. By registering several patents per year and giving invited lectures at international conferences, the Neuman Group demonstrates its competence in the aluminum sector. Just a few weeks ago in February 2020 a further patent was registered: A new impact extrusion process was developed, whereby the mechanical properties of EN AW 6082 (AlMgSi1) are achieved with EN AW 6060 (AlMgSi0.5). As a further step, Neuman / Prefa will hold an own international aluminum conference in St. Pölten in June 2021 (www.forum-aluminium.com).

Picture left: Canadian television interview about Neuman at the International Conference on Aluminum Alloys 2018 in Montreal

Picture on the right: Keynote speakers of Forum Aluminum 2021 from Google, Pankl Racing and the Universities of Birmingham (England), Deakin (Australia) and Trondheim (Norway)