We are proud of our sister company and congratulate our colleagues very warmly

Stölzle wins the TRIGOS, the most important sustainability award in Austria

This is the reasoning of the jury:

Stoelzle Oberglas GmbH - Prestige Recycled Glass.

Stoelzle is the largest glass producer in Austria and uses the so-called Extra

white flint glass, which is high-quality white glass, in addition to internal recycling.

20% of waste glass cullet in addition to internal recycling. By 2025, the recycling rate is to be increased to 35%. This will enable the company to reduce CO2 emissions and maximize the use of raw material substitutes. Stoelzle is also working on improving the quality of the cullet available on the market so that it can also be used increasingly in the special application of high-quality white glass.

The jury welcomes the continuous research work of the ambitious company and emphasizes the strategically conceived and practiced contribution to the circular economy. Furthermore, the jury welcomes the inter-company awareness-raising measures in the industry.