PreFormForge® and EXTRUFORM®:


Leading supplier for the automotive industry

High-quality chassis systems from Neuman Raufoss are installed in the world's most well-known automobile brands. They stand out based on their high functionality, enormous longevity and weight reductions of up to 50% compared to steel.


Rear lower transverse links and link arms

Neuman Raufoss develops and produces transverse links with mounted spring guides and bushings. With our patented ExtruForm® process, we can offer an optimal lightweight construction solution (approx. 50% lighter than steel).


Front transverse links, upper transverse links and link arms

Neuman Raufoss aluminum PreFormForge® transverse link for McPherson suspensions, for example, are typically 30% lighter than steel variants. We supply mounted aluminum transverse links, including bushings and ball joints.


High-performance chassis components

Neuman Raufoss preforms represent a unique way to achieve optimum material utilization and minimum waste. This is what our special "Raufoss ZeroLoss" hot forging process, which includes heat treatment and machining, is based on.



Ball joints

The ball joint solutions we have developed are very successful. We install ball joints for our complete product range with mounted arms or paddle assemblies. Currently we process balls in the range of 24 mm to 32 mm.


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This is what makes us stand out

Neuman Raufoss uses the unique ExtruForm® technology and PreFormForge® to produce the highest quality suspension systems as a tier 1 supplier for the world's most renowned automobile manufacturers. Our core competencies are development, design, testing and production of hot and cold worked aluminum products, as well as system knowledge.

Here is what this means for you

  • Unique procedures: PreFormForge® and ExtruForm®
  • Optimum material utilization and minimum waste
  • Many years of experience in the chassis and automotive sector
  • Strictest quality standards and controls
  • Specialized plants, including some fully automated plants around the globe (Norway, Canada, Mexico and China)

Light material, hard facts

Because aluminum is not always actually aluminum, you can find all the technical details, multiple certifications, quality seals and other interesting facts to read and download here.

Partner for Extruform® in your area

With our four production sites in Norway (Raufoss), Canada (Montreal), Mexico (Lagos de Moreno) and China (Suzhou) and our high on-site supply capacity, a Neuman partner is always close by.

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Exceptional material technology is a crucial factor that makes us the world leader in the interface between materials, manufacturing processes and products.

Our alloys can either be used to fulfill every product and function requirement or in series production.

We are constantly evolving, and we rely on highly skilled lab technicians, technologically advanced testing facilities, and our ability to produce prototypes.